Archbishop Tinee

Current governer of Wrightfort.


Physical: Tall, thin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Tinee often stands when addressing others even when he has the right to remain seated. While this could have the effect of showing a lack of comfort with the power that he holds most simply find it unnerving as though he is preparing to strike them.

Little is known publicly about Archbishop Tinee’s time before he came to Wrightfort. He is young, idealistic and zealous in his pursuits. He is seen by those that love Kor ir’ Vendalis as a usurper and by those that hate Kor as a savior.

One thing is certain, Kir and Tinee are at odds. Before Tinee’s arrival Kor had made gestures to work with the church and to include them in his rebuilding efforts but since the arrival of the magistrate Kor has begun dis include them.

Tinee finds Kor’s lack of faith and near belligerent disregard for the church to be reprehensible and does not go to any lengths to hide his contempt for the man.

Archbishop Tinee

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