Kor ir' Vendalis

Kor ir' Vendalis is a powerful land owner and noble.


Physical: Kor ir’ Vendalis stands proudly but is not tall. His frame is lean and muscled and his eyes and hair are dark brown. While Kor is still strong he does walk with a slight limp from a wound suffered at the hands of Cyre soldier during the invasion several years ago. Occasionally this wound acts up and Kor is forced to walk with a cane but in generally his pride stops him from seeking this minor convenience.

It is well known that Kor ir’ Vendalis is not a religious man. He does not openly interfere with church business and always shows support publicly and thus has not yet gained the full ire of The Silver Flame or the council but some feel it is only time before he goes to far. With the new Archbishop being assigned to Wrightfort Kor has fulled away from his strong public support and whispers abound about his current thoughts and actions.

Kor has four sons and no daughters. His first two sons were from his first marriage and are now in their twenties and work within the family holdings. Tennok ir’ Vendalis and William ir’ Vendalis are both strong supporters of their father. During the war Kor had an affair with an elf woman that was staying within Wrightfort and this union produced his third son. His fourth son is the young Val ir’ Vendalis and is from Kor’s second wife, his first having taken ill and died during toward the end of the war.

Kor ir' Vendalis

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