The city of Wrightfort is located south and slightly west of Aruldusk. Once a fairly major city with a population exceeding 12,000 it now stands as a sore reminder of the pains of the war. The current population has dipped to just over 4,000 but does show some signs of possibly expanding in the future. The city is a sickly mix of proud impressive buildings designed by the house Cannith before the war and decrepit wreckages that have not been properly demolished. Once the lightning rail extended to this city but now the station where passengers boarded and disembarked sits like tomb near the city center.

The proudest standing building within Wrightfort is The Church of the Silver Flame. Perhaps it was providence that secured the structure but that same providence did not protect the archbishop that ran the city. A Cyre invasion force, a contingent of which still lives within the city having no where to return to, struck the city toward the end of the war and Archbishop Lavel was slain. The seat of Archbishop sat empty for years until the council sent the young a brash Archbishop Tinee to take it.

Kor ir’ Vendalis owns the majority of the useful land within Wrightfort. Kor was the one who stepped forward and began the rebuilding of Wrightfort when the church did not deem it essential. While many have pointed out that much of his infrastructure building was focused toward his own ends without that which he provided it is possible that the city would have fallen entirely.

As much of the world gets back to the business of living Wrightfort is still just trying to survive. With many players examining their pieces and considering their next moves things are beginning to heat up within the small city.

For one reason or another the players have found themselves in the service of Kor ir’ Vendalis which is where our story begins.

Dark Blessings of Eberron